Bo Jackson Pollock #50T - Acrylic Print by Matthew Lee Rosen – Baseball Card Art

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Matthew Lee Rosen - Bo Jackson Pollock 1986 Topps #50T
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Bo Jackson Pollock #50T

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Made-to-order baseball card art (24x36)

A mash-up of Jacksons results in Bo Jackson Pollock.

I have a great fondness for the black border and colorful font on '86 Topps set design, and among the most iconic cards from that set was #50T... Bo Jackson. The photo of young Bo highlights his huge, thick neck... capturing the incredible physique of the two-sport star athlete.

This abstract combines techniques by two of my favorite artists: Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol. The designed paint splatter is reminiscent of Pollock's expressionism... pulling from the orange and blue elements of the card, and accented with bubble gum pink. The layered, color separated, card image references the screen print process utilized by Warhol.

Jackson Pollock painting in action

How this acrylic print is made

I wanted to offer some budget-friendly wall art to fans of my work. So, I’ve partnered with Gooten to create high-quality prints on-demand. Gooten is named in honor of Johannes Gutenberg, creator of the first printing press, and the digital prints they produce are excellent… meeting my high standards. I’ve chosen to have my artwork produced on acrylic to compliment my plexiglass paintings.

  • The designs are printed on high resolution archival paper with archival inks.
  • Each print is fused onto the back side of the acrylic pane for a modern, frameless look.
  • A french cleat box is mounted on the back for wall hanging.
  • All pieces are original designs by yours truly, Matthew Lee Rosen.
  • Orders will be shipped directly from Gooten.

Example photographs

High quality digital print is fused underneath a layer of 1/8” thick acrylic.

Baseball card art: acrylic prints by Matthew Lee Rosen
The hanging cleat box helps the artwork float nicely off the wall.

Baseball card art: acrylic prints by Matthew Lee Rosen
Each order ships ready to hang with hardware included.