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1985 Topps Record Breaker designs by Matthew Lee Rosen

'85 Topps Record Breakers (Acrylic Block)

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8x8 Acrylic Block

This acrylic block is a modified version of my augmented mural.

While Topps regularly issued Record Breaker cards throughout the junk wax era, I've always found the yellow starburst graphic on the 1985 Topps to be the most iconic.

Dwight Gooden debuted in April of '84... at the young age of 19. He would finish his RoY campaign with a record-breaking 246 strikeouts. Doc's '85 Topps #3 is his first base set card issued, and is the highlight of these Record Breakers.

My design is affixed to this 1" thick acrylic block, giving it a three dimensional appearance. Made-to-order by Gooten.

Printed on-demand and fulfilled by Gooten

I’ve partnered with Gooten to create high-quality prints. Gooten is named in honor of Johannes Gutenberg, creator of the first printing press, and the digital prints they produce are excellent… meeting my high standards.

  • All pieces are original designs by yours truly, Matthew Lee Rosen.
  • Each design is printed on-demand per order.
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