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Ken Griffey Jr. Boom Stick (Figurine & Card)

Ken Griffey Jr. Boom Stick (Figurine & Card)

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8.5" Tall Figurine with Gum Card

Today's fans often say, "Boom Stick," when a slugger goes deep. I've hand-painted this Ken Griffey Jr. McFarlane figurine with a bubble gum texture... and decorated his bat as the Boom Stick. I originally designed my Boom Stick concept for an artist collaboration series with the Pillbox Bat Co. It's inspired by the Bazooka gum logo.

This figurine stands 8.5" tall and comes paired with it's matching Boom Stick gum card (1991 Topps #790 Ken Griffey Jr. - B1). The gum card is protected inside a special edition Ultra Pro with a Blue & Red Rosen label.

Artist Matthew Lee Rosen and his boom stick baseball bat