Send Baseball Cards to Artist Matthew Lee Rosen – Baseball Card Art by Matthew Lee Rosen


Hand-painted gum sticks on old Topps baseball cards by artist Matthew Lee Rosen

Send me a card. I'll paint a gum stick on it and mail it back!

I will paint gum sticks on any pre-1992 Topps (the last year Topps included gum in wax packs was 1991). I also accept 1981 Fleer or Donruss (the only year either brand included gum with their baseball card wax packs).

  1. Follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram, and send a direct message... I'll reply with my mailing address. 
  2. Protect your card with a penny sleeve and top loader.
  3. Mail it and include a self-addressed, stamped return envelope.
  4. I'll paint it... put my signature on it... and mail it back!

    If you have cards to donate toward the making of my artwork:

    Please send me a direct message on Twitter or Instagram, and I'll reply with my mailing address.

    Why must you send me a DM to get my mailing address?

    This way, I'll know to expect a piece of mail from you! It also helps me plan ahead to accommodate all requests.