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B-REF QR Code (Custom Order)

B-REF QR Code (Custom Order)

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Commissioned interactive wall art

Leave a note at checkout with your custom order request.

The backs of baseball cards were made for stats... but, you can't fit ALL the stats on a 2.5 x 3.5 inch piece of card stock. This concept completes the narrative with an interactive piece of wall art.

Scan this diamond with your smartphone camera, and it'll take you to the matching page of stats.

Each piece is made with a tiled mosaic of purposefully selected cards, layered underneath a hand-painted QR Code on plexiglass. Hung as diamond, the QR code resembles an infield, with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd base. 

The static QR code will last forever... always linking to that web address. Scanning works from the diamond composition, so no need to rotate your phone.

Pieces made with old Topps Junk Wax may receive my bubble gum treatment (if the color combination is suitable for a working QR code). Other pieces will be made with solid color QR codes. 

Suggestive ideas for a custom piece:

  • Your favorite player. Example: Barry Bonds in 1989 Topps (photographed)
  • A particular team. Example: 1988 Dodgers in Donruss (photographed)
  • An All-Star set, linking to the box score of that All-Star game.
  • Season HR leaders, linking to that stat page.

    More about my 17" diamond baseball card artworks

    • Each diamond is produced on a 12" wooden artist panel, which measures 17" x 17" when hung on a wall.
    • Made with spray-painted plexiglass, layered on top of tiled baseball cards.
    • Each painting ships ready to hang, with hardware already installed.
    • A printed and signed description of the artwork will be attached to the back prior to shipping.
    • All pieces are original artwork by yours truly, Matthew Lee Rosen.