Fernando Tatis 2021 Stadium Club 3-D 1/1 Mashup – Baseball Card Art


Fernando Tatis 2021 Stadium Club 3-D 1/1 Mashup

Fernando Tatis 2021 Stadium Club 3-D 1/1 Mashup

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A Guest Artist Original

This handcrafted 3-D 1/1 card features the 2021 Topps Stadium Club image of Fernando Tatis Jr. mashed up with other mixed media elements. The 1990 Topps border is elevated seven cards high over a holographic dot background. Tatis then is elevated eight cards high over a vintage Topps wax wrapper logo. This card will be shipped in a magnetic one touch holder, complete with personalized letter, artist signature, and 1/1 notation.

About Matthew Lee Rosen's Guest Artist Shops

Topps Project 2020 has inspired a growing number of hobbyists to create their own card art. To provide them with support, I'm inviting artists to build their own guest shop! I lend my expertise to mentor and guide them along the way... my ultimate vision is to curate a mini-marketplace for card-inspired artwork.

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