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Gum Slabs (Series 5 - '82)

Gum Slabs (Series 5 - '82)

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Premium Hand-made card art

Celebrating one of my favorite junk wax elements: the multi-colored hockey stick stripes from '82 Topps!

What would happen if you took a big slab of bubble gum and printed a baseball card onto it? That's how my mind works sometimes. To complete the narrative of this conceptual artwork, I've placed each card inside a typical grading slab. Sealed with a fusion gun, and complete with my own label. Given the entire process and cost of materials, these are priced at a premium. 

Similar to my G-Sticks on black stock, these cards are signed on the back.

Bubble gum card art encased in grading slabs!

My Gum Slabs are a conceptual series, re-imagining cards as slabs of bubble gum. Each card is made using a mixture of acrylic paint and ink to create a bubble gum appearance.

Here's what you'll receive with this order

  • My original mixed media, applied onto a thick black card stock.
  • Each card is encased inside a grading slab, and sealed using a fusion gun.
  • My Gum Slabs are signed on the back, and will ship with bonus autographed items.

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