Media Coverage

Matthew makes a guest appearance on S3:E2 of The Card Life.

I received an amazing opportunity to be invited as a guest on television's first show dedicated to the hobby. The Card Life is hosted by major league reliever Matt Strahm. Matt's really big into the hobby and was an all around great dude to meet. We discuss my artwork and break some packs together!

The Card Life airs on various cable stations across the country. If you watch your local MLB team on Bally Sports, AT&T SportsNet, NBC Sports, NESN, Root Sports, or MASN... this episode will air in your local market, and will eventually archive on the show's YouTube channel.

Matthew Lee Rosen makes an appearance on The Card Life tv show with host Matt Strahm

Philadelphia Phillies beat writer Todd Zolecki covers the filming of Matthew Lee Rosen's interview with pitcher Matt Strahm for S3:E2 of The Card Life.

As part of his coverage for the Phillies, Todd came on location to write about Strahm's show, while we filmed at the Jarvis Square Tavern in Rogers Park (about 20 minutes north of Wrigley Field). So, not only did I get to be on a TV show, but I also get mentioned on Sweet!

Phillies pitcher Matt Strahm interviews Matthew Lee Rosen for an episode of The Card Life.

Kevin Czerwinski writes about Matthew for Ball Nine.

Every now and then, someone really cool reaches out to discuss my artwork. I had the pleasure of speaking with New York-based sports writer Kevin Czerwinski. Kevin worked as the Mets beat writer on for many years. He also covered the Phillies minor league system on weekly TV spots for Comcast.

CHEW ON THIS - Artist interview with Matthew Lee Rosen on Ball Nine

Rosen and Blake Jamieson's first chat.

Blake is somewhat legendary for his work with Topps on Project 2020, which launched a card art trend among collectors. He helped introduce many card collectors to art. We got to know each other a bit and even worked on a fun Mark McGwire 'Big Man & Fries' project together!

Blake brings Matthew back to discuss their Big Mac & Fries collaboration.

Rosen joins Pop Fly artist Daniel Jacob Horine to share their Nolan Ryan collaboration (video no longer available).

The man behind the Pop Fly Pop Shop is Daniel Jacob Horine. He does incredible illustration work, combining the nostalgia of sports history and comics. Daniel's work has gained popularity with collectors and he's had the fortune of working directly with many of his childhood idols. 

Matthew Lee Rosen and Pop Fly creator Daniel Jacob Horine collaborate on a Nolan Ryan comic.

Matthew speaks with Eric Norton of Beckett Live.

Beckett has been a name synonymous with baseball cards for decades, going back to when their pricing guide used to sit on shelves at local card shops. It was really fun chatting with Eric, who began hosting regular interviews with hobbyists.

Matt Wolff invites Matthew onto the Wolff's Den for a chat.

Matt is the founder of Ticket Time Machine, a cool small business that focuses on printing commemorative tickets. We're both share a love for nostalgia.

Card artist spotlight from collector David Garcia.

David is a great supporter of the hobby community, and also owns some of my gum cards. He surprised me with a pretty cool online review of my artwork. Thanks David!

Blogger Beau Thompson reviews Matthew's diamonds on his One Million Cubs website.

Beau is a big Cubs fan who writes about his quest to collect one million Cubs baseball cards. He did a wonderful write-up of my diamond-style artwork, which featured several pieces of Cubs junk wax!

Wrigley Field baseball card artwork by Matthew Lee Rosen