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Iconic Wheaties Boxes

Iconic Wheaties Boxes

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The Power of Influence

Influencers have always been impactful for marketing. Prior to internet and social media, this was most effectively accomplished by printing celebrity faces onto product packaging to reach consumers at the point-of-sale. Wheaties began to do this in 1934 with New York Yankees slugger Lou Gehrig.

50 years later, after winning Gold in 1984, Olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton became the 1st female athlete on the box. In 1986, Chicago Bears Super Bowl champion Walter Payton became the 1st black athlete on the front (Brooklyn Dodgers catcher Roy Campanella was on the side panel in 1952).

Michael Jordan has appeared on the box a record 18 times (Tiger Woods is 2nd with 14 appearances).

There are a total of 7 official spokespersons in the brand’s history:

  • Bob Richards - 1958
  • Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner - 1977
  • Mary Lou Retton - 1984
  • Walter Payton - 1986
  • Chris Evert - 1987
  • Michael Jordan - 1988
  • Tiger Woods - 1998

Each original painting is 24 x 36 inches, made with spray paints and acrylics on wood. Camouflage is used to convey the marketing message disguised behind the iconic packaging; “Eat these.” This is the power of influence.