Putting Pete Rose in the HOF... on the OVR Metaverse!

I’m putting baseball's all-time hits leader (4,256) in Cooperstown!

While many of Pete Rose's artifacts live inside the hall, Charlie Hustle's ban for gambling has prevented him from being inducted into the Plaque Gallery.

Starting on October 14th, 2021, fourteen different artworks (honoring Rose's #14) will go on virtual display inside the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum* by using augmented reality (AR). This exhibit will be available throughout the MLB postseason and beyond... until my next exhibit (TBD) is created.

*The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is not affiliated in any way with this project.

Participating Artists 

This exhibit has been purposely curated by Matthew Lee Rosen to provide an equal opportunity for artists, designers, and hobbyists from the baseball card art online community.

My personal entry for this exhibit is a betting slip, imagined to be placed during the 1987 All Star Game in Oakland. A date when Pete may have been on vacation in Vegas for the All Star Break. The Reds spent 92 days in 1st place of the NL West that season, but were eventually overtaken by the Giants in late August. This imaginary bet slip would've finalized after October 14th, 1987... which was the pre-scheduled date of Game 7 of the NLCS. This date coincides with the launch of my metaverse exhibit (10.14.2021), and honors Pete Rose's jersey #14.

What will this exhibit look like?

Here's a screen capture of the artwork on display... viewing it outdoors on my smartphone. The exhibit can be viewed remotely in any location, or in its geo-located hex inside the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown.

How is it possible to put this exhibit inside the Hall of Fame? 

This exhibit is made possible with Over the Reality (OVR). I own a piece of virtual property at the National Baseball Hall of Fame on ovr.ai, an augmented reality metaverse... powered by Ethereum. OVR has mapped the entire earth into 1.6 trillion hexagons. Each hex represents a unique land NFT that can be purchased in their marketplace. The hex I own is located in the southeast corner of the museum, which is home to the Learning Center… adjacent to the ‘Art of Baseball’ exhibit.


Where can I view the exhibit in the Hall of Fame, and share my experience?

Because I own this metaverse property, I’m able to publish creative content onto the hex for viewing in AR on your smartphone. This is accomplished by using OVR’s Builder (a software development kit, or SDK) to design augmented reality content with 2D and 3D objects.

This content can be experienced inside the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum at its exact location in the Learning Center. It can also be viewed remotely from anywhere else in the world by visiting the land's unique 3-word address (rica.iron.sinking).

  1. Download the OVR smartphone app (Google Play & Apple). 
  2. Create your free account!
  3. Visit the URL ovr.ai/land.rica.iron.sinking on your smartphone browser and click "Open in App." Or, alternatively you can use the search bar within the OVR app to find "National Baseball Hall of Fame" or "rica.iron.sinking"
  4. Select the purple-colored "Live" Hex
  5. Click "Live Experience Remotely"

You may share your experience by posting screen capture photos or videos on your favorite social media with hashtags #PeteRoseHOF #OVRMetaverse 

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Why am I producing this exhibit?

My aim is not necessarily to get Pete Rose inducted into the HOF, but to introduce others to the metaverse. The blockchain technologies being developed today allow us to accomplish unthinkable things... like putting Pete in Cooperstown.