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1/1 - Beasties ('94 TW/RS Dick Butkus)

1/1 - Beasties ('94 TW/RS Dick Butkus)

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Handmade labels on recycled vinyl

The card bubble of the Junk Wax era burst in 1994, but not before Teddy Ballgame got into the act. The Ted Williams Card Company premiered in 1993, and added Roger Staubach's NFL Football in 1994. The A-side of this Beastie Boys-inspired album features Card #9 of Dick Butkus.

My musical inspiration is Get on the Mic, off the Paul's Boutique album.

Well, you say fuck that, yo, Holmes, fuck this
I'm the King AdWhammy and you're Dick Butkus

Both sides of this album are patterned with the Beastie Boys logo in white and orange vinyl. The actual record used is a completely random album. What songs are on it? Spin it and find out!

About Junk Wax Records

In 1980, Fleer won a 5-year long monopolization lawsuit vs Topps, opening up the baseball card market for competition. Throughout the decade, production increased and boxes of wax packs filled the shelves of new hobby shops across America.

Before a record album is pressed onto vinyl, it first gets mastered, or cut, on wax. Junk Wax Records is a mashup of iconic cards from this era and recycled 12-inch LPs. My Junk Wax logo is inspired by the Fleer crown, as their court battle flipped this industry upside down.

Collect my limited album label print releases, before they get taken off the table forever!

Here's what you'll receive with this order

  • Original album artwork on a recycled 12 inch LP.
  • Each record features custom baseball card art labels on both the A-side and B-side.
  • Your vinyl will ship inside a clear 12" record sleeve, with additional sticker label packaging in vintage album style.
  • The packaging and/or album will be signed by yours truly, Matthew Lee Rosen.