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1988 Donruss Pendant Chains

1988 Donruss Pendant Chains

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Handmade baseball card necklaces

Throughout the 80's, Donruss designed the backs of their baseball cards with a colored print surrounding a white statistics box. That color would vary from year to year, and in 1988... the backs were blue. I cropped the cards to create a blue and white stripe effect. It makes for a pretty cool dog tag-like chain to wear, or use on a key ring.

More about my baseball card pendant chains

I had been wanting to make some smaller craft-like items to offer as inexpensive baseball card art to fans of my work. So, I repurposed some junk wax and turned them into cool dog tag-like chains.

  • Cards are cut carefully to display the player's name and fit inside the 1" x 2" pendant.
  • They are sealed with a poured coat of clear epoxy resin, and left overnight to dry.
  • The included chain is 30 inches long, and can be easily cut at home to make a shorter necklace, or use on a key chain.
  • Each pendant is handmade by yours truly, Matthew Lee Rosen.