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5x7 Gum Stick Panels: '86 Bo Jackson 50T

5x7 Gum Stick Panels: '86 Bo Jackson 50T

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Handmade Artwork

These mini versions of my giant Bo Jackson gum stick celebrate one of my all-time favorite sets and cards: the 1986 Topps #50T. Featuring the colorful Napoli Serial font at the top, and Bo's iconic photo shoot, highlighting his freakishly athletic build with his incredibly thick neck.

This is sort of 2 pieces of artwork in 1. Each 5x7 wooden artist panel was first spray painted using stencils. The patterned 50T (inspired by the card number design on the back of this set) is then used as the backdrop for these handmade gum sticks. The repeat pattern conveys the mass print production from this era.

I consider this as a design study... for how I'd like to exhibit my giant gum sticks in a gallery setting. 

    What you'll receive with this purchase

    • Each panel is 5x7 (1.5 inches thick), and stamped with my logo on the back.
    • I have chosen not to sign these pieces directly on the artwork, as I didn't want to distract from the work itself. Pieces may be signed on the back before shipping. 
    • Additional signed items will ship with this purchase.
    • All pieces are original artwork by yours truly, Matthew Lee Rosen.