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Al Hrabosky, the MAD Hungarian

Al Hrabosky, the MAD Hungarian

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Hand-painted collectible baseball card

With an unusual name and colorful antics, fans began referring to Al Hrabosky as "The Mad Hungarian." Al had a routine when entering the mound. He'd turn his back to the batter and walk towards 2nd, while vigorously rubbing the ball. Then, he'd take a deep breath, pound the ball into his mitt and storm back to the mound. 

I painted MAD magazine's Alfred E. Neuman onto these cards to convey Hrabosky's nickname. 

About my collector cards

After purchasing some old wax packs to study the size and texture of gum sticks, I developed my own paint techniques in order to replicate it. Now, I hand-paint bubble gum directly onto vintage baseball cards to create small collectibles.

Here's what you'll receive with this order

  • My original hand-painted gum onto a baseball card.
  • Each collector card is paint-marked with it's edition number.
  • These art cards are protected inside an Ultra Pro One Touch magnetic card holder... customized with my matching Rosen signature label.
  • I do not sign these cards by request. However, your package will include bonus items personally autographed by me.

Expected delivery time for pre-orders

Are you purchasing a pre-order? My pre-order listings are for card art that has not been painted yet. In most cases, I already have the card in stock to paint on, and will create your artwork within a few days of your purchase. Thanks for your patience.

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