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Blake Jamieson X Rosen (Big Mac & Fries)

Blake Jamieson X Rosen (Big Mac & Fries)

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Hand-painted collectible baseball card

I've teamed up with Blake Jamieson to bring our fans the ultimate combo! Nicknamed Big Mac for his towering 6'5" 225 pound frame, Mark McGwire belted 583 home runs over his career. Big Mac is Blake's favorite player, so we really wanted to hit this one out of the park. 

Using a selection of '87-89 Topps, I've painted my McDonald's fries on one side, with Blake doing his splatter paint on the other... and on the french fry carton too! In several color variations, each card comes delivered inside a matching dual-label Ultra Pro and my custom designed carton... signed on the back. Bubble gum fries not included!

Each purchase has a random chance of receiving an additional Mark McGwire autographed goodie.