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Custom G-Stick Card

Custom G-Stick Card

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Commissioned Baseball Card Art

I will create a custom G-Stick piece of card art to fit your personal collection. My G-Sticks are made by applying ink to vintage pieces of Topps chewing gum. They can be implemented in a few different styles depending on your preference:

  • G-Stick on an abstract paint background
  • G-Stick a vinyl art background
  • G-Stick on a vintage (or modern) baseball card.


I prefer to create these on any pre-1992 Topps... as '91 was the last year Topps included bubble gum in their wax packs. I'll also entertain some other requests. Here's a list of stuff I'll paint bubble gum on:

  • Pre-1992 Topps junk wax of any sport or variety (Star Wars, Superman Garbage Pail Kids, WWF, etc.), which was packaged for retail with bubble gum.
  • Modern Topps Heritage or Archives based on a pre-1992 design.

Once your purchase is made, the following steps will occur

  1. I'll follow-up to confirm your request.
  2. If needed, depending on your selection... you will either send me your card(s), or I will acquire one for you. Once I've received the card(s), the artwork will begin.
  3. After completion, I'll send you photos and the artwork will ship.

Here's what you'll receive with this order

  • My original handmade card art.
  • These art cards are protected inside an Ultra Pro One Touch magnetic card holder with my Rosen signature label.