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Custom Gum Slab

Custom Gum Slab

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Commissioned Baseball Card Art

I will create a custom gum-slabbed card to fit your personal collection.


I prefer to paint any pre-1992 Topps... as '91 was the last year Topps included bubble gum in their wax packs. I'll also entertain some other requests. Here's a list of stuff I like to paint bubble for:

  • Pre-1992 Topps junk wax of any sport or variety (Star Wars, Superman Garbage Pail Kids, WWF, etc.), which was packaged for retail with bubble gum.
  • Modern Topps Heritage or Archives based on a pre-1992 design.
  • 1981 Fleer and Donruss baseball (the only two years bubble gum was included in their baseball wax packs).
  • Various years of 60's, 70's or 80's Fleer football.
  • 1986-89 Fleer basketball.

Once your purchase is made, the following steps will occur

  1. I'll follow-up on your order to confirm which card(s) you want to use as the inspiration for my artwork.
  2. After completion, I'll send you photos and the artwork will ship.