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Diamond Kings (1990)

Diamond Kings (1990)

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Original baseball card art

Do you recognize this iconic piece of junk wax history? After Fleer and Donruss entered the market in 1981, Topps received exclusivity to package their baseball cards with bubble gum. So, Fleer made stickers and Donruss introduced their Diamond King puzzles.

This golden wall piece celebrates the 1990 Diamond King set... highlighted by its red border and black paint splatters. The diamond shape of the piece visually conveys the full phrase of "Diamond Kings." 

No actual baseball cards are used in this piece.

    More about my 17" diamond baseball card artworks

    • Each diamond is produced on a 12" wooden artist panel, which measures 17" x 17" when hung on a wall.
    • Made with spray-painted plexiglass, layered on top of tiled baseball cards.
    • Each painting ships ready to hang, with hardware already installed.
    • A printed and signed description of the artwork will be attached to the back prior to shipping.
    • All pieces are original artwork by yours truly, Matthew Lee Rosen.