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G-Sticks: 1979 Topps Comics

G-Sticks: 1979 Topps Comics

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Hand-made collectible art card
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In 1979, Topps released a comics set of 33, printed on 3” x 3 ¼” wax paper. This was the same paper used for the Bazooka Joe comics. However, Topps wrapped these around a larger piece of gum and retailed them for 5 cents each.

The numbered set followed an alphabetical order... 1st by league and then by city. So, Baltimore Orioles Eddie Murray is comic #1, winner of the 1977 AL Rookie of the Year award. Topps never printed a follow-up set after '79, making these somewhat scarce to find.

I've re-imagined these comics on sticks of wax pack gum, instead of the chunks they came with.




Photos courtesy of Sports Collectors Digest.

Important notes for ordering.

  • Unlike my G-Sticks made on black stock, these will not be signed on the back.
  • Custom orders are accepted for any comic from this 1979 set.
  • For custom orders: Please leave a note at checkout, explaining which player(s) you want.
#1 Eddie Murray
#2 Jim Rice
#3 Carl Yastrzemski
#4 Nolan Ryan
#5 Chet Lemon
#6 Andre Thornton
#7 Rusty Staub
#8 Ron LeFlore
#9 George Brett
#10 Larry Hisle
#11 Rod Carew
#12 Reggie Jackson
#13 Ron Guidry
#14 Mitchell Page
#15 Leon Roberts
#16 Al Oliver
#17 John Mayberry
#18 Bob Horner
#19 Phil Niekro
#20 Dave Kingman
#21 Johnny Bench
#22 Tom Seaver
#23 J.R. Richard
#24 Steve Garvey
#25 Reggie Smith
#26 Ross Grimsley
#27 Craig Swan
#28 Pete Rose
#29 Dave Parker
#30 Ted Simmons
#31 Dave Winfield
#32 Jack Clark
#33 Vida Blue

Designer gum sticks. Pop art that actually pops!

My G-Sticks are a series of bubble gum artwork, inspired by that one stick of gum that was stuck to the last card in the wax pack. Typically tilted by 9 degrees, as a nod to the starting 9 on the diamond.

Here's what you'll receive with this order

  • My original ink illustration, directly onto a vintage piece of wax pack bubble gum.
  • Each illustrated gum stick is backed by a custom-designed setting, and typically placed in the exact position in which the image would appear on the actual card.
  • These art cards may be created using a heavy 75pt black stock, an original card, or just the clear case by itself.
  • Cards are protected inside an Ultra Pro One Touch magnetic card holder... finished with my matching Rosen signature label.
  • My G-Sticks made with black stock are signed on the back, and all cards will ship with bonus autographed items.

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