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G-Sticks: '88 Topps AS Series

G-Sticks: '88 Topps AS Series

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Hand-made collectible art card

The 1988 Topps All Stars are an instantly recognizable image from the Junk Wax Era. Payer photos were cropped inside a diamond, set on a yellow highlighted background. As was typical, American League (red) and National League (blue) players got different color treatments. 

As with all my G-Stick portraits, the gum is placed to align with the positioning of the player photo on the actual card.

Card will be signed on the back.

Custom orders are accepted for any All-Star from this 1988 Topps set.

For custom orders: Please leave a note at checkout, explaining which player(s) you want.

    1988 Topps All-Stars Checklist

    386 Don Mattingly All-Star
    387 Willie Randolph All-Star
    388 Wade Boggs All-Star
    389 Alan Trammell All-Star
    390 George Bell All-Star
    391 Kirby Puckett All-Star
    392 Dave Winfield All-Star
    393 Matt Nokes All-Star
    394 Roger Clemens All-Star
    395 Jimmy Key All-Star
    396 Tom Henke All-Star
    397 Jack Clark All-Star
    398 Juan Samuel All-Star
    399 Tim Wallach All-Star
    400 Ozzie Smith All-Star
    401 Andre Dawson All-Star
    402 Tony Gwynn All-Star
    403 Tim Raines All-Star
    404 Benny Santiago All-Star
    405 Dwight Gooden All-Star
    406 Shane Rawley All-Star
    407 Steve Bedrosian All-Star

    Designer gum sticks. Pop art that actually pops!

    My G-Sticks are a series of bubble gum artwork, inspired by that one stick of gum that was stuck to the last card in the wax pack. Typically tilted by 9 degrees, as a nod to the starting 9 on the diamond.

    Here's what you'll receive with this order

    • My original ink illustration, directly onto a vintage piece of wax pack bubble gum.
    • Each illustrated gum stick is backed by a custom-designed setting, and typically placed in the exact position in which the image would appear on the actual card.
    • These art cards may be created using a heavy 75pt black stock, an original card, or just the clear case by itself.
    • Cards are protected inside an Ultra Pro One Touch magnetic card holder... finished with my matching Rosen signature label.
    • My G-Sticks made with black stock are signed on the back, and all cards will ship with bonus autographed items.

    Card Checklist

    You may reference my growing checklist of collector-owned cards.