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Mac & Cheese (Series 1)

Mac & Cheese (Series 1)

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Hand-created mac & cheese

In the summer of 1987, kids were dumping boxes of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese into mom's shopping cart, carefully selecting the boxes to get their favorite Home Plate Heroes.

Series 1 features curated selections from the 48 card set.

About my mac & cheese collector cards

In 1987, Kraft printed their Home Plate Heroes baseball card set on boxes of Macaroni & Cheese. The set consisted of 48 cards to cut out. Using epoxy resin and actual Kraft noodles, I've developed my own technique to create a realistic effect. Each mac & cheese card is a one-of-a-kind artwork, as this effect can't be replicated for an exact copy. However, player designs will be number editioned.

Here's what you'll receive with this order

  • My original hand-created mac & cheese onto a baseball card.
  • These art cards are protected inside a 360pt Ultra Pro One Touch magnetic card holder... customized with my matching cheese-colored Rosen signature label.
  • Each card is backed with a 2.5" x 3.5" transparent material, to hold it in place.
  • Each collector card's case is also marked with an edition number.
  • I do not sign these cards by request. However, your package will include bonus items, personally autographed by me.

Card Checklist

You may reference my growing checklist of collector-owned cards.