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Pete Rose "Hustler" Bobblehead

Pete Rose "Hustler" Bobblehead

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Hand painted bobblehead

Pete Rose, nicknamed "Charlie Hustle" in his playing days, was banned from baseball for gambling on games as a player and manager of the Cincinnati Reds. I've repainted this bobblehead in red with a black X to represent his banishment from the game and exclusion from the Hall of Fame.

More about my bobbleheads

I've always thought bobbleheads were very poor, cartoonish depictions of players. So, I've taken it into my hands to improve upon that.

  • My bobbleheads are repainted from original giveaway items.
  • Each figure measures approximately 7" tall.
  • Some of the bobbleheads have been reshaped or modified to include new parts.
  • All pieces are redesigned by yours truly, Matthew Lee Rosen.