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Pro Set Scratch-Offs (Round 2)

Pro Set Scratch-Offs (Round 2)

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Hand-painted collectible football card

In 1990, you could scratch-off the Pro Set Playbook for a chance to win. But, what if you had to scratch the card instead? Will you pull a prize like Sanders... or totally bust with Mandarich?


About my scracth-off collector cards

Pro Set launched it's new product in 1989, as the Official NFL Card. They packaged cards with a bonus "Playbook" inside, to scratch-and-win NFL prizes. I've re-imagined the brand. What if you had to scratch the card instead?

A casualty of the Junk Wax Era, Pro Set went bankrupt in 1994... citing over $800,000 in unpaid royalties to the NFL Players Association.

Here's what you'll receive with this order

  • My original hand-painted scratch-off onto an authentic football card.
  • These art cards are protected inside a 35pt Ultra Pro One Touch magnetic card holder... customized with my matching Rosen signature label.
  • Each scratch-off is also marked with an edition number.
  • I do not sign these cards by request. However, your package will include bonus items, personally autographed by me.

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