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Bonds Asterisk

Bonds Asterisk

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Purchase for your chance to #WIN756!

Order by February 7, 2021 (Super Bowl Sunday).

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to own a piece of my hand-painted Card Art for only $24.95, and also earn a chance to win original wall art!

Each purchase of these 1989 Donruss asterisk art cards will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win the matching 34” Diamond. Your Pre-Order Card Art will ship when the raffle is completed. They'll be painted based on Pre-Order volume.

Raffle details

  • Cards are available in 3 paint colors (black, white & orange).
  • Order more than one card for multiple raffle entries.
  • A purchase of my set of all 3 colors will get you 3 raffle entries at a discounted price of $69.95.
  • Your order number will be used as your entry.
  • Add other items to your order for additional entries.
  • Entry deadline is February 7th, 2021 (Super Bowl Sunday).
  • 1st prize = The 34" Diamond Asterisk Wall Art.
  • 2nd prize = 1/1 Signed Gold Edition of this '89 Donruss #92 Asterisk Card Art.

Bonus Twitter contest  

My Twitter contest will run for 4 weeks (through Super Bowl Sunday on February 7th). One new winner each week will receive a Black Asterisk card. However, this will not qualify as a raffle entry.

The Prized Wall Art

Barry Bonds' record breaking 756th home run ball was purchased by fashion designer Marc Ecko for $752,467. He then defaced the ball by engraving it with an asterisk. The ball was eventually sent to the Hall of Fame.

I used 70 cards to make this... choosing Barry's '89 Donruss #92. The orange backs tie Barry's early years as a Pirate to his steroid-era Giants career. The cards are tiled and layered underneath spray-painted plexiglass. Measures 24" square... 34" when hung as a diamond.

Barry Bonds asterisk home run ball

Here's how the raffle will work

Once the entry deadline has passed, I will announce a date & time for a live raffle drawing on my Twitter feed.

  • Your purchase order number will be your raffle entry number.
  • Order numbers will be printed and placed into a bowl for a live drawing.
  • You will receive 1 raffle entry for each item purchased in this order number (any other artwork added to your order will be included).
  • 1 lucky raffle winner will receive the main prize
  • Additional raffle winners may be drawn for secondary prizes.

Here's what you'll receive with this order

  • Original art by yours truly, Matthew Lee Rosen.
  • Your card art will be protected inside an Ultra Pro One Touch magnetic card holder... customized with my matching Rosen signature label.
  • I do not sign these cards by request. However, your package will include bonus items, personally autographed by me.