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Spoonful of Baseball Cards

Spoonful of Baseball Cards

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Original baseball card art

Kids were dumping boxes of Post cereal brands into mom's shopping cart during the summer of 1990... chasing the elusive Ken Griffey Jr. card and other favorite stars. The 30-card baseball set was the first that Post Cereal had produced since 1963.

Using a layered combination of plaster with hardened epoxy resin on top, I've created an over-sized spoonful of milk and baseball cards. Cards included are #2 Roger Clemens, #5 Tony Gwynn, and #11 Nolan Ryan. The spoon can be hung on a wall, laid on the floor, or used as a table centerpiece.

More about my giant spoon

Some cards are just meant to be showcased and displayed as artwork.

  • This over-sized aluminum spoon is 46" long, and the mouth of the spoon is 10.5" wide.
  • The whole piece weighs under 7 pounds.
  • Ultra-Pro magnetic card holders are bonded in place to the epoxy-resin milk, but can be opened to remove and insert different cards.
  • Hanging hardware is built into the handle of the spoon.
  • My signature logo is applied in vinyl to the handle.
  • To clean... simply dust or use a damp cloth. Do not pour water into the spoon, as it can loosen the epoxy's bond to the aluminum.
  • All pieces are original artwork by yours truly, Matthew Lee Rosen.