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T206 Honus Wagner (Giant Cigarette)

T206 Honus Wagner (Giant Cigarette)

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Original baseball card art

The T206 Honus Wagner, printed in 1909 by the American Tobacco Company, is among the most rare and sought after baseball cards in the hobby’s history.

What makes it so rare? Wagner was opposed tobeing placed on a tobacco advertisement. He didn't want children buying cigarettes, and so his printswere discontinued. With the cards from this erabeing so extremely challenging to find, Wagnerhas become the holy grail, because so few wereprinted. In August 2021, an authentic Wagner T206 was sold at auction for a record $6.6 million.

My 60.5" cigarette is made from PVC pipe, featuring a modern portrait, including the lettering of "Pittsburg" spelled as it appears on the card. The gold ring(a common feature of pre-rolled cigarettes) and “150” mark, references the 150 Base Ball Subjects in the complete set of these historic cards.

Other features:

  • A filter at the bottom (sponge foam).
  • Tobacco at the top (sculpted foam and spackle).
  • Rosen signature logo on the back.