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Wrigley Field "Hey Hey" Foul Pole ('86 Topps)

Wrigley Field "Hey Hey" Foul Pole ('86 Topps)

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Original baseball card art

Longtime Cubs announcer Jack Brickhouse passed away in 1998. The following season, the Cubs installed his home run catchphrase "Hey Hey" on the foul poles to honor his legacy. I used the red backs of the 1986 Topps Cubs team set to complete the piece... Ryne Sandberg, Rick Sutcliffe, Dennis Eckersley etc.

    More about my 34" diamond baseball card artworks

    • My paintings are done on plywood as homage to the game's wooden bats, and shaped like diamonds... a reference to the infield.
    • Each diamond is made from a 24" plywood square (1/2" thick), which measures 34" x 34" when hung on a wall.
    • Some of my artworks also incorporate the use of spray-painted plexiglass.
    • Each painting ships ready to hang, with hardware already installed.
    • A printed and signed description of the artwork will be attached to the back prior to shipping.
    • All pieces are original artwork by yours truly, Matthew Lee Rosen.